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Player Information
Player name: Kit
Contact: [ profile] eloquencejones
Other characters in the game: Dick, Maecenas

Character Information
Character Name: Dr. Jillian Holtzmann
Canon: Ghostbusters 2016
Canon Point: post-movie
Species: Human
History: Jillian Holtzmann had always been brilliant, unfortunately that's left her also always on the fringes of society, between her obsession with science and oddball personality she did not have a lot of friends growing up. She had the support of her parents and always found a refuge in building and fixing things, and that helped get her through school and hold on to who she was.
College was a little easier, she found a kindred spirit in her mentor Rebecca Gorin (or at least, a spirit who accepted who she was and encouraged her scientific brilliance) and she worked hard to earn qualifications in theoretical particle physics and nuclear engineering, working up to her doctorate in just a few short years.
She was almost accepted into CERN until a terrible lab accident that left her fellow researcher hospitalised and crushed her reputation despite her brilliance. It didn't help that she was showing an interest in the paranormal, a death sentence for any scientist.
She got a job at the Kenneth P. Higgins institute of science as associate professor of paranormal studies, and there she met Abigail Yates, for the first time she truly felt she had a friend in Abby. She would have been content to work in their little lab together for the rest of their academic lives, but she wasn't displeased at all when Erin Gilbert swept into their laboratory one auspicious day, and you know how it goes from there

Personality: Holtzmann is a difficult person to describe, she's a brilliant scientist, a little socially awkward and a bit odd. The best way to describe her is probably whimsical, she likes to make jokes, pull pranks, make a fool of herself, she just likes to make people smile. Her sense of humour can occasionally be quite juvenile, and she doesn't really have a proper sense of the appropriate - serious situations will usually be met with humour, especially if she's uncomfortable, and she can be very irreverent to authority figures. Very irreverent.

She does have a serious side and she cares very deeply for her friends, but she finds it very awkward and difficult to reveal that. She is reliable when the chips are down, she'll always have her friends' backs and she won't hesitate to answer the call when somebody is in danger, regardless of her own safety. She's very protective of her tech.

Also, she's a terrible flirt.

Specialty Skills: Refer to the Specialty Skills post and list the traits that your character has shown in canon out beside each subheading
Action Skills
Management - Moxie
Stealth - Security Systems, Surveillance
Violence - Agility, Demolition, Energy Weapons, Field Weapons, Fine Manipulation, Thrown Weapons

Knowledge Skills
Hardware - Bot Ops and Maintenance, Electronic Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Nuclear Engineering, Vehicle Ops and Maintenance, Weapon and Armor Maintenance
Software -
Wetware -

Other Skills (not listed) - Busting ghosts.

Mutant Abilities: N/A
Service Firm and Position: Research & Design - Explosives Formulation

Action Spam Samples: Come here often?
I've heard terrible things about you
Prose Log Sample: And to top it all off...
...we got a freakin' faraday cage

Almost Done!
Is fourth walling acceptable for your character? hell yea
If yes, are there any restrictions or notes you'd like other players to know? Nope
Would you like to volunteer your character to be a selected target of the Anti-Special Society (ASS)? Give her hell, if you dare
Due to past trouble with Specials, some have been given specific trigger phrases to assist in controlling their traitorous tendencies. Does your character have a trigger phrase and if so, what is it? None...yet....
Do you agree that your character will be held accountable to the terms of Treason and Punishment if they are found to be guilty of treason?


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